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          Jixing technology manufacturing plant, strategically located in Asia and around the region. Due to the innovation and quality depends on the advanced manufacturing technology, we are constantly improving casting core design, stamping, plating and assembly process.

          We adopt the most advanced plastic injection moulding machine and metal stamping machine. We continue to create new technology, to meet the current manufacturing smaller connector of the challenge. We developed a proprietary coating plastic technology, provide excellent protection performance, at the same time, accelerate the application of mobile phone antennas finalize the design and manufacturing process. We have printed circuit card in integrated products division and wiring components strong manufacturing capability.

          We are committed to reduce manufacturing costs and investment increase production capacity, driving the trend of fewer but larger factories. A lot of our investment will be used for the expansion of the existing factories, focused on the integration of expertise and technology of the specific location. Our goal is: to obtain scale economy and higher production capacity,
          While continuing to ensure on time delivery.

          In our investment to improve productivity and the expansion of production capacity at the same time, the quality is always very important. Factory has obtained the ISO9001-2008 certification, our automated factories are ISOTS - 16949 standard.

          Jixing technology is committed to comply with all domestic and global environmental standards. This is the foundation of our environmental action