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          Jixing as a high-tech enterprise, as one of the core strategy, the talent is the source of our competitive advantage.
          In order to attract and retain talent, we will offer competitive salary, good training, professional enough space, hope and our employees grow together.

          Job responsibilities:
          1, is responsible for managing the product sales channels, maintaining good relationship with existing customers, to discover the needs of customers, expanding sales performance;
          2, discover clues to the customer, understand customer needs, providing valuable solutions support;
          3, the important customer relations and follow up orders, and actively complete the sales task;
          4, collect all kinds of relevant market sales information, timely feedback on customer information resources, puts forward effective sales advice;
          5, timely grasp industry trends, and put forward rational construction;
          6, leader delivered the other routine work.

          1, below 35 years old, college degree or above, marketing major is preferred;
          2, more than 2 years sales experience; Is IT products, electronic products, project related industry sales experience is preferred;
          3, familiar with B2B sales model;
          4, with strong business negotiation and independent market development ability; A good marketing strategy and sales skills;
          5, good communication and communication ability, organization and coordination ability and team cooperation spirit;
          6, outgoing personality, strong dedication and the pursuit of high salary desire;
          7, work actively, diligent, strong affinity.

          If you meet the above requirements, please contact us by the following way, welcome to inquire!

          The human resources department
          Contact: the human resources department