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          The current position:Home > Environmental > Environmental statement Environmental statement
          In order to put the company's business activities, products and services to the influence of the environment, occupational health and safety to a minimum, we should:

          Establish and implement effective environmental protection, health and safety management system.

          Comply with all relevant environmental, health and safety laws and regulations, and other requirements.

          Production and business operation to consider effective use of natural resources, and provide the workplace safety and health. Develop products to minimize the impact on the environment.

          Constantly enhance the level of environmental protection, health and safety work and performance.

          To employees and business partners to perform the importance of this policy.

          Pollution prevention activities, to reduce or remove pollution emissions: through the practical management in order to prevent injury and illness.

          Education staff take environmental and safety way to work.

          We have already put the statement posted on the company's web site, and has set up a implement to us in the global business activities. Our goal is: no matter where is the business,
          All want to become outstanding companies and citizens. We are committed to supervise our environmental management systems to ensure effective implementation of them