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          Jixing technology manufacturing plant is strategically distributed in Asia and all over the world. Since innovation and quality are inseparable from advanced manufacturing processes, we are constantly improving the molding, stamping, electroplating and assembly processes of the core.

          We use the most advanced plastic injection molding machine and metal stamping machine. We are constantly creating new processes to meet the challenges that are now made by smaller connectors. We have developed a proprietary coating plastic technology that provides excellent protective performance and accelerates the stereotyping and manufacturing process of mobile phone antennas. We have a strong manufacturing capability in the integrated product sector with printed circuit cards and wiring components.

          We are committed to reducing manufacturing costs and investing in production capacity and promoting the trend of less but larger factories. Many of our investments will be used to expand existing factories and concentrate on the integration of specific locations and processes. Our goal is to achieve economies of scale and higher production capacity.
          And continue to ensure punctual delivery at the same time.

          While we invest in increasing productivity and expanding production capacity, quality has always been of great importance. The factory has been certified by ISO9001-2008, and our automatic chemical plant is leading the way with the ISOTS- 16949 standard.

          Jixing technology is committed to meet all domestic and global environmental standards. This is the basis of our environmental action