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          "Sustainable development"
          Jixing make concerted efforts, continuous innovation, unremitting pursuit, the practice of "winning customer satisfaction, tongren happy, operating" concept, to create a sustainable business.

          "Customer satisfaction"
          What is what, enterprise, the enterprise can flourish, is determined by the customer, customer is the foundation of enterprise and lifeblood. Jixing to integrity of attitude,
          Excellent quality, perfect service, attract customers, clients, to create a customer, to sustainable development.

          "My colleagues willing to"
          Adhering to the "people-oriented" concept, jixing is committed to creating a colleague's ingenuity, fully realize the career development of environment, let a colleague and enterprise
          Way to success, sharing achievement, to create a "family" enterprise, into the sustainable development.

          "Business - meaning"
          Jixing adhere to honesty, steady operation, pay attention to social responsibility, full participation, concentrate the power of the team, to create a good customer reputation, deep
          Tongren ownership and outstanding operating performance, a world famous brand, realize sustainable development.